Slay & Associates puts big ideas to work.

Our unique blend of services is designed to make the most of our clients’ resources and make a difference. We integrate real world connections with real time media to support projects with purpose, partnering with individuals and organizations committed to making a positive impact.

Our experienced team and extensive network possess expertise that reaches far beyond the PR basics. We imagine. We create. We organize. We engage. We connect. We analyze. We are passionate advocates for the goals of our clients with the skill and experience to make big things happen.

Whether you are engaged in the world of philanthropy, non-profit or commercial ventures, Slay & Associates’ comprehensive approach includes the following tools, tailored to fit each client and opportunity:

Strategic Planning
• Mapping where your organization needs to go and how it can get there
• Research—in-depth study of an issue, product or concept

• Building a lasting personality and emotional connection that resonate with your audience
• Advertising—creating engaging stories that reach the right people at the right time
• Video—producing and distributing extended broadcast materials

Public Relations
• Securing targeted attention through a variety of communications vehicles
• Media relations—selecting the best traditional media outlets for your message, including related print, broadcast, social media and online communities
• Real time media audits and rapid-fire response mechanisms will support and protect your brand
Grassroots marketing—exposing your issue to like-minded, passionate people through community and philanthropic organizations
• Media training—counseling, rehearsing and perfecting effective traditional media and on-line techniques
• Event creation and marketing—our expertise in designing, promoting and supporting your organization’s special events will developing a sustainable buzz that supports your brand

Online Messaging
• Website design & development—creating engaging, functional internet communications with maximum search engine optimization
• Social media development—giving a voice to your message and laying the groundwork for valuable online discussions through the appropriate social media channels
• Content creation¬—developing timely, relevant content for social media, websites, blogs and e-newsletters
• Real time auditing—monitoring social media activity and deploying content strategies in response

Data Assessment
• Analyzing data collected from statistics, surveys, web traffic and other sources to establish the best approaches and identify further opportunities